Kristýna Plíšková: People still solved when I win. Perhaps it will be quiet now

You do not know the difference on the phone. Christina speaks like Karolina, she does not look for diplomatic expressions. She is immediate, honest. It was a laugh that reminds of the more famous representative of the Plíškové family. When, after the victory over Nao Hibinova 6: 3, 2: 6 and 6: 3 she took over the smaller tournament in Uzbekistan, Tashkent described to the Czech media how the trophy looks: “Well, such a plate, it’s not a complete bomb, but it does not matter. I’m getting a local habit as a bonus. “

” I’m happy, it’s my first-ever title, “added Kristýna Plíšková more seriously, so that her previous individual description did not go wrong. “It was not, of course, a megacremonial, as it is on grandslamas, but it was nice, the fans came.Although I do not have much to say, I have quite enjoyed the announcement. “

Christina was said to be endowed with more talent than Karolina. Just waiting for who and when to get it out of it. “I’m afraid I’ll be a bit short of this victory,” said Plíškovy, according to tennis best betting bonus offers experts.

I still do not know where, but perhaps ahead, “laughed the 24-year-old Czech. “By the end of the year I still have some tournaments, so I want to squeeze out as much as possible and then prepare for the next year. When I’m healthy, I’m on my way. “

Kristýna Plíšková is currently ranked 100th in the world ranking, but in a new edition she should jump to seventy.Maybe her sister won her first WTA title in 2013 in Kuala Lumpur, then Carolina was in the rankings in the second hundred and at the same time she also defeated the Japanese rival in the final – Ajumi Morita .

Then she got better, the triumphs were on the rise, and she recently broke through Grandslam in New York when she knocked out both Williams sister and fell in love with Angelique Kerber from Germany.

Maybe the lesser attention of the public, who knew what Karolina’s world six is, could now help Christine a little bit.

“I do not think so,” he says. “I do not deal with this. I’m trying to work with pressure. But we have every career with our sister. I did not bring some incredible tennis here, that’s 1xbet all.But I started to believe it and it helped me. People still solve when I win something.

the years ended the co-operation with Ivo Minar, in Tashkent already led the high Czech leftist Martin Fassati. As the uninhabited player, she ran for the first time in her career among the top eight, just like the sister maximally stretched to the triumph.

“Ségra has already called. We’re still in touch. He’s also happy, we wish each other.She was watching me with my daddy, “she told Christina, apologizing once again that due to her final duel and time shift she could not see Caroline’s final show at the US Open. At the end of the interview she also commented Saturday’s” golden hat-trick ” tenistek z Česka. In the Chinese Wu-chan, Petra Kvitova celebrated Lucie Safarova in doubles.

“It is nice that we have so many successes,” said Kristýna Plíšková. she will be more involved in this moment.

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